A new love story every month…

We know here at DG Novelties that experiencing new things is a key to happiness.
We want to encourage your sense of wonder and play! That’s why we have our monthly, .
quarterly, and seasonal subscription boxes to keep your sensual imagination alive and well. .
You’ll never get the same box twice!

How It Works:

Pick “For Her”, “For Him”, or “For Us” to suit your specific needs!

Choose monthly, quarterly, or seasonal boxes!

After you check out, we’ll reach out to you to help curate YOUR specific box!

We’ll ship your box to you in DISCREET packaging. Once you get your box, it’s time to play!

Subscription Types:


Valued at up to $200, this box will come to you every month to make sure your love life stays exciting and fresh.


Valued at up to $500, this box will reach you every three months to keep your collection refreshed throughout the year!


Valued at up to $700, these boxes are meant to make sure the holidays are done right! Celebrate Valentine’s, Christmas, New Year’s, and your birthday with our seasonal boxes.

How It Works:

For Her:

From reinvigorating your sex drive to those brand new to solo play, we’ve got our ladies covered in our For Her box!

For Him:

Want to try something new in your regular routine? Or maybe you want to explore a different side of yourself? Whatever it may be, the For Him box is perfect for any man wanting to reignite his sex life!

For Us:

Whether you’re looking to kindle an old spark or pretend like it’s the first time all over again, our For Us box is sure to bring some heat into your regular routine!

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