Instead of marketing ourselves the same way in which many others in the industry do, at DG Novelties, we market ourselves to those who are often left out of the conversation about sex– women, LGBTQ+ folks, and people of color. Our products are designed to empower! Our business is meant to work with everyone, no matter the gender, to help them find what feels great and right with their bodies, without being overly raunchy or pushy. We have been around for around for over 15 years, working with women to figure out what feels good and what makes them feel empowered. Our products are not meant to overwhelm or make our customers feel as though they have no idea where to start, but rather help them through this process of self love and finding what will work best with their bodies.

Using these foundational tones of empowerment, sex appeal and freedom, DG Novelties will be one that encourages all women and individuals to learn to love themselves on their own terms. No more feeling pressure from the media or not knowing where to start, DGNO will help make you feel more secure and confident on your self love mission. No person should ever have to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their urges or desires, but instead they should feel strong, confident and empowered when they give themselves the satisfaction of intimacy, either alone or through pleasure with a partner.

Our brand reaches all individuals, but our brand more directly gives a voice to women and those who are LGBTQ. Oftentimes, women and LGBTQ folks feel more ashamed or embarrassed about their urges than their straight male counterparts. DG Novelties is designed to break down that barrier and allow everyone to feel confident and comfortable pleasuring their desires and exploring self love. Rather than having an awkward relationship with our customers like many stores in our market do, we strive to build long-term relationships to make you feel more comfortable shopping with us!   We will help you learn who you are, what you are seeking, and how to satisfy your desires.