Have you ever considered adding roleplaying into your sexual repertoire? Maybe a little dressing up and playing pretend? Putting on the clothing to enhance the persona you’re pretending to be can be a lot of fun, and an incredible turn on. If you are looking for a gentle way of bringing a roleplaying scenario into your relationship without making your partner feel as though you are looking for something they are not providing you, then here are a few tips.

1. How to Bring Up Roleplayin

Communication is the basis of any strong relationship—sexual or otherwise. If you want to bring up roleplaying, try just talking about it. Make sure your partner understands that you do not want him or her to feel as though you want something aside from them, but instead, you want something with them. You want to recreate the feeling of the first time you two were together, or add in a new dynamic to your passion, but finding a balance of adding in the new without anyone feeling like they’re being replaced is difficult at best. Let them know that your ultimate goal is to increase the passion between the two of you. It should be viewed as something very intimate between the two of you as it will totally depend on your specific preferences as to what is allowable and what is not.

2. Suggestions for Beginner’s Roleplaying

Many people have considered something as simple as one partner pretending to be a doctor, firefighter, or police officer, while the other plays the patient or victim, but there is a lot more to roleplaying that can be had if the circumstances are right. Depending on what each partner likes as far as style, position, and intensity, you can specifically cater to those needs during roleplaying sessions. Here are a few ideas on places to start:

● Maid or butler and the homeowner, complete with the micro skirt, bustier, and feather duster, and plenty of bending over to dust everything around the house

● Homeowner and delivery person, with either partner not having the money for the tip, but trying to initiate a way to take the tip out in trade

● Recreating the time you two first met, try and mimic all of the details down to the music that was playing, clothing worn, and even the preliminary sexual tension

● Student and teacher, using a desk as a prop and a ruler as a flogger

● Yoga teacher, with one person trying to recreate poses, while the other slowly slides his or her hands across every part of the body in an attempt to teach any number of yoga positions

3. What Can Help Enhance Roleplaying

When roleplaying is established, there are many props that can enhance roleplaying even further. Some of the more traditional props include handcuffs, blindfolds, and vibrating massagers. If you and your partner want to take roleplaying one step further, you can include items such as dildos, cock rings, nipple clamps, or whips. This all depends on how far both people are comfortable taking each scenario. One thing to keep in mind, however. If you plan on taking roleplaying into a more risqué direction, make sure that both partners agree on a safe word that will stop all activity instantly when said. Roleplaying can really enhance your passion and intimacy if done right, or it can make sex taboo if done wrong. Your best bet is speaking openly about the topic and incorporating the desires of both people into each scenario.

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