Sex in today’s world is no big deal. It has become a physical need that has to be satiated like hunger or sleep. So casual sex is common. Now should you indulge in such sex? Is it just fun or is it a risk best avoided?

The answer to those questions depends entirely on the kind of person you are and your state of mind. An individual from a traditional background would find it difficult to let go of his or her inhibitions and jump into bed just for the sake of sex.

Someone from a more open family atmosphere would possibly not think twice before having sex with the first person he or she is attracted to.

Casual sex is not something one should indulge in before thinking of the consequences. There are so many mishaps that might happen.

● Pregnancy is a common fallout especially amongst the young and inexperienced. So remember sex whether casual or a culmination of a romance should always be safe. Think of contraception first, be it condoms or pills or all the various other options available today.

● Rape is not uncommon when one jumps into casual sex. Sex should always be on mutual consent. It should be a thing of joy, not aggression and pain. Be absolutely sure your partner is a considerate person before indulging in casual sex.

● Casual sex with multiple people ultimately may take the joy out of the act. It can become mechanical and ultimately pointless especially for a woman. After all sex is not just physical satisfaction for women, the mind plays a huge role too.

So sex is a very integral part of one’s life should be enjoyed. It should bring fulfillment and not be the cause of problems that may hurt and vitiate one’s peace of mind.

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